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Traditonal 12" tapers --> 100% Beeswax

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Let God Arise
The third volume of the monastery’s tri-annual journal has been published and can be found here. It is free of charge and emailed at this time. If you would like to be added to future emailings, then please subscribe. 

Holy Resurrection Monastery
Let God Arise Journal.

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Prayer Requests

“From the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you.” Col 1.9

Divine Liturgy scheduled for October 22, 2023 Hours will begin at 9:30

Liturgical Schedule

Visitors are welcome to attend daily services. 

M, T, W, F
5:30am Matins, 1st hour

4:30pm 9th Hour, Vespers

Thursday is a silent day, and the monastery is closed.

6:30am Matins, 1st hour, Akathist
4:30pm Vigil
Check the CALENDAR 

Divine Liturgies

Divine Liturgy is scheduled for October 22, 2023. Hours will begin at 9:30. This is a new time and we will see if this is better. 

We have not yet returned to the usual schedule, but will announce Divine Liturgies in advance. Please check this page for announcements and cancellations. 

  • 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month: Another  Liturgy is scheduled on 10/22/23. For now, we are picking one Sunday per month and God willing, we will continue. 
    9:30am Third and Sixth Hours followed by Divine Liturgy. (Fr Peter Bodnar)
  • Sundays (unless Mother is traveling)
    4:30 pm Vespers
  • Other Festal Liturgies TBA
would you like to stop by?

Please call or email ahead of time to make sure that Mother will be able to greet you. At this time, there are limited overnight accommodations. 




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