Let God arise!
Let His eniemies be scattered!

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Updates, Seeking Things Above

“I am going.”

Today’s reading from the Holy Prophet Zechariah seems to be an earlier version of event planning. Who is

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Spring is on the way

Welcome to the Holy Resurrection Monastery News Page! This morning, the birds were competing with the Matins chanting.

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How to help?


The monastery has a secure portal here. Your gift today supports the revitalization of monastic life at Holy Resurrection Monastery. As you know, there are various necessities that will always be a factor: food, clothing, electricity,liturgical supplies, health maintenance, etc. In restoring the monastery and making the residence a welcome place for other women who would like to become monastics and to provide for guests, there are other needs. These are partial lists that provide some specifics. If you have questions, time and talents that you would like to offer, please contact the monastery.

+ Stain front porch (in 6 months).
+ Roofers are coming this week (3/15) to repair a 2ft cave in on the roof above the community room.
+ 3 cells on South side: clean, repair walls, paint, check and repair electricity, furnish.
+ bathroom on the South side: clean, repair walls, paint.
+ back stairway is unsafe
+ repair and stain deck ramp and railing in front of the Chapel
+ Front wood face of Chapel: strip and stain
+ Middle pantry, paint ceiling and wall.
+ Chapel doors require sealing and weather proofing. One door requires metal braces to be drilled and installed.
+ Interior Chapel entry door needs to be refitted and hung before next Winter.
+ Furnish community room
+ Furnish cells.
+ Grounds on North, South and East sides.
+ Launch of Monastery online store.

* Main Kitchen plumbing, cabinets repaired. Stove refurbished.
* Pantry kitchen sink and plumbing repaired.
* Mother’s cell repaired and painted.
* Monastery business office.
* Monastery website launched.
* Bathroom on North side repaired and painted.
* Community room walls repaired and painted.
* Drain spouts extended, water diverted
* 5-brick propane heater installed on the South side of the residence.
* The front porch has been restored and is safe.
* Front gardens cleaned.
* Entry and West grounds cleaned, trees and shrubs pruned.
* Purple aer, chalice and diskos coverings.
* Plumbing repaired: bathrooms North side, South side, by Chapel.
* Candle workshop thoroughly cleaned.
* A basement room temporarily converted to a Gift Shop and Candle packaging

Needed items

+ Epitaphion
+Rugs for the Chapel
+Matresses – details coming
+Boxsprings – details coming
+Book Shelves for community library
+Stain for front porch
+Wood to fix Chapel entry ramp and rail
+Stain for outside Chapel entry
+Dishwasher, any model Bosch, (measurement coming)

More items coming

Order Candles

Your parish community can contribute to the support of Holy Resurrection Monastery by purchasing candles. Order today!

   Traditional 12″ Liturgical tapers
       $10.50/pound plus shipping

                  Call 417-943-2070

Email nuns@holyresurrectionmonastery.org

     Online store launching SOON!