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The monastery has a secure portal here. Your gift today supports the revitalization of monastic life at Holy Resurrection Monastery. There is now a community and there are various needs: food, clothing, electricity, liturgical supplies, health maintenance, etc. The monastery has been restored (with the exception of a few projects) to make the residence a welcome place for other women who would like to become monastics and to provide for guests. These are partial lists that provide some specifics. If you have questions, time and talents that you would like to offer, please contact the monastery.


  • leaf blower
  • chair
  • Winter weight blankets
  • desk
  • Twin sheet sets
  • Summer weight blankets
  • Mini split in the Candle Shop
  • some twin size sheets, mattress pads, pillows
  • sander
  • Table saw, circular saw, carpenter levels received. 
  • Epitaphion received. 
  • Twin size beds for downstairs, Donation received, purchased and delivered. 
  • Chair for cell, purchased and delivered. 
  • Chapel rugs and padding . There are 2 – 8×11 and a 6×9 under the altar. 
  • Community room couches 
  • Gold, green and red analogion covers. 
  • Assortment of towels and wash clothes
  • Dishwasher
  • Chainsaw, saw horses,  and safety equipment 
  • Orbital Jig saw
  • Extension Ladder

*Interior Chapel entry doorrefitted and hung before.
*upper stairway stringers and upper steps are repaired.
*porch stained and painted
*New back steps stained
*Repaired, stained, painted back deck and ramp
*Repaired, replaced rotten portion of back deck
*Repaired, stained front wood face of Chapel, added lighting.
*repaired driveway and parking with gravel.
*Planted flowers (bulbs) and other plants.

*Ceiling light and fan replaced in downstairs hall.
*Some new plants and bulbs added around property. 
*Downstairs hall and bathroom painted. 
*Ramp in front of Chapel widened and railing added. 
*Back stairs repaired. Landing leveled and secured. 
*Upstairs doors sealed and weather stripping applied. 
*Blue flame propane heater installed downstairs.
*cells on the South side: cleaned, walls repaired, primed, painted, furnished. 
*Guest pantry is better equipped. 
*Main hospitality room: ceiling painted, walls repaired, painted. 
* Chapel doors sealed and weather proofed. 
*AC in Candle Shop replaced. 
*Onsite Gift Shop open. Now upstairs. 
*Chapel AC ventilation cleaned and improved.
*Grounds are clean, mowed, pruned.
*Monastery online store launched.
*Guest pantry, painted ceiling and walls. Supplied with baker’s rack, new microwave, dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils. 
*Roofers repaired a 2ft cave in on the roof above the community room.
* 2 cells on South side: cleaned, walls repaired, painted, checked and repaired electricity, furnished.
* bathroom on the South side: cleaned, repaired walls repaired, painted.
* Main Kitchen plumbing, cabinets repaired. Stove refurbished.
* Guest pantry kitchen sink and plumbing repaired.
* Mother’s cell repaired and painted.
* Monastery business office.
* Monastery website launched.
* Bathroom on North side repaired and painted.
* Community room walls repaired and painted.
* Drain spouts extended, water diverted
* 5-brick propane heater installed on the South side of the residence.
* The front porch has been restored and is safe.
* Front gardens cleaned.
* Entry and West grounds cleaned, trees and shrubs pruned.
* Purple aer, chalice and diskos coverings.
* Plumbing repaired: bathrooms North side, South side, by Chapel.
* Candle workshop thoroughly cleaned.
* A basement room temporarily converted to a Gift Shop and Candle packaging

Needed items

Updated 05-25-2024

+ monthly, regular pledges (See new Donation option)
+ Health insurance. Mother has discovered a work around option: a local medical service for checkups, office care,  and moderate emergency needs or prescriptions. They offer a la carte or $100 per person a month subscription. Mother is also investigating Christian operated major medical offerings. 
+ Donation to cover website costs

2. Always welcome

  • olive oil
  • charcoal for censer
  • roasted almonds
  • frozen salmon or shrimp (or fresh that can be frozen)

3. Street Entry Sign:

The monastery needs a sign to be installed at the entry of the property. The sign will be inscribed as follows: 
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Monastery
Orthodox Church in America

Mother has a plan for sign placement and construction.  She is currently investigating costs for a metal sign and other materials. 


  • Router (wood)
  • wood chisels
  • Tree trimming extension saw

*The Monastery is asking for the donations of these items or cash contribution for their purchase.

Order Candles

Your parish community can contribute to the support of Holy Resurrection Monastery by purchasing candles.

Order today!

   Traditional 12″ Liturgical tapers
$11.75/pound plus shipping

online store
Call 417-943-2070
Email hrmnuns@gmail.com
message via Our Diocese app

The Monastery maintains a stock of liturgical candles ready to ship. 


CURRENT – UPDATED 05-23-2024

+ back landing and railing must be repaired. Lower steps, landing and railing must be repaired, stained or painted.
+ Chapel door requires braces to be drilled and installed. SOMEONE HAS OFFERED TO REPAIR THIS. 

+Make monastic seating (stasidia) for the Chapel

+Sign designed, need to purchase materials and execute plan. 
+Create a prayer walk. Design, build and install kiots with icons.